Our Strategies

  1. Increase and facilitate access to funding for small organizations
  • Bring donors closer to local and grassroots organizations working with women and girls or gender issues in general.
  • Be the interface between private and/or institutional donors and local and grassroots organizations.
  • Project management on behalf of organizations without a dedicated staff including consortia.

2. Reviving local research to contribute to little-known issues

  • Implement qualitative and quantitative research, which focuses on the participation of communities impacted by the problem.
  • Support the contribution of local populations, especially women and girls.
  • Promote open knowledge for research and learning on social, environmental and/or humanitarian issues impacting women and girls.

3. Ensure the organizational development of local organizations

  • A la carte training for local organizations (Organizational diagnosis, strategic thinking, strategic planning, functioning of the board of directors, conflict resolution, communication and leadership, etc.)
  • Facilitation of meetings, trainings, conferences on gender issues and the rights of women and girls (female leadership, positive masculinities, gender-responsive budgeting, gender mainstreaming, sexual and reproductive health, etc.)
  • Creation of awareness content for young audiences (girls and boys)